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The Project xYotta help individuals or teams to develop their ideas into collaborative projects. Then, the projects are smoothly embedded in a virtual market. Utilizing the wisdom of the crowd and market mechanisms, the best ideas and talents are identified and can then be promoted, improved and exploited in real life ventures.

xYotta offers 4 products that can be utilized separately or together, in any combination. 1) Project collaboration: collaborate in real-time with your desired community in a secure space; 2) Exchange Market: take advantage of a virtual market to assess the value of projects and ideas; 3) Prediction Market: easily setup prediction markets to predict the outcome of any event; 4) Toolkit: use state-of-the-art tools to produce and integrate technical, scientific results and world-class statistics into your project.

This project has started in 2012 with the help of the Innovedum grant (under the name of InnovWiki) to facilitate collaboration among students of the Entrepreneurial Risks course and to help with the problem of evaluating class projects. The InnovWiki platform has initially been developed with the help of several part time developers. With the assignments of 2 full time developers in 2015 through the Future Resilient Systems grant via the Singapore-ETH Center, and an additional developer though another scientific grant in 2016, we have been able to redesign the InnovWiki platform based on the state of the art technologies focusing on stability, scalability and security, while offering a superior user experience and rebrand it under xYotta. It has been rigorously tested by more than a thousand ETH graduate students in several courses (Entrepreneurial Risks, Financial Market Risks, Cyber Security) and research projects over an extensive time.

xYotta is now available for all interested users and we have identified three classes of potential users.

xYotta can be used by educators to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. It provides a radically innovative way for how group work is organized and evaluated. You can use xYotta as a course management system to facilitate student collaboration; evaluate the quality of students› work using the market in continuous time; and get transparent access to student performance and participation.

xYotta can be used by enterprises to utilize the creativity of human capital in their organization. With xYotta, employees get the level playing ground to pitch and develop new ideas and projects. You can easily select the best concepts that corresponds to your specific organization for further development using the virtual market. You can use xYotta to create secure spaces for your organization to collaborate; develop and collect excellent ideas from your employees bottom-up; identify talents for entrepreneurship in your organization; and motivate employees by empowering them to develop new ideas and projects.

xYotta can be used by scientific communities to learn and work collectively with your desired community. It offers a natural platform for scientific collaboration. You can use xYotta to develop joint projects and share the results of your work with your selected community and easily receive their comments and feedback. You can use xYotta to enhance participation and teamwork on research projects; provide ideal infrastructures to collect, share and improve knowledge development on a particular subject.